Having been born and raised on the southside of Richmond, Virginia, I proudly chose the name "Dogtown Photos" in honor of the nickname given many years ago to that part of town known as Manchester, located directly south across the James River from the downtown area. A railroad engineer by trade, I have been motivated and encouraged by friends to share with others my interest in photography as my skills and talent develop and improve, and the opportunities to use them present themselves in my life. I thank them for their support.

Portraits are a favorite of mine, and I find candid shots of the subjects much more challenging and rewarding than those posed. Abstract photography is also something I enjoy, utilizing more risky techniques to produce an image that can be quite exciting and satisfying, though often unpredictable. I strive to see photographic opportunities where others do not - to produce distinctive images via composition that others may miss. Above all else, my goal is for my photography to be distinguished by an ability to transform ordinary people, places, and things into extraordinary photographs. "Dare to be different" is a favorite motto of mine and guides my ongoing efforts to capture that unique shot. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the results.

Staunton I. Cottrell